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Standup Comedy Links

The Velveeta Room: the club, um, bar with a stage that I call home.

Hot Comedy: The website for Cap. City and Rivercenter Comedy Club.

Standup Comedy FAQ: Has a lot of great info about being a standup comedian

Hack Standup Comedy FAQ: Has a lot of great info about being a hack standup comedian

Other Links

The Onion: The best news satire on the web.

The Bastard Son of the Lord Page: A very very very funny page. Go with an open mind.

The Church of the Subgenius: Long live Bob.

The Bible in Pig Latin: It was just a matter of time.

Red Meat: Comic strips have never been so twisted...

Your Favorite Music Sucks: Okay, sometimes, I like to argue music with teenyboppers. It makes me feel better....Nice place to vent when you hear a goddamn Ricky Martin tune.

BECK!:Play that funky music, white boy.

The Doors Official Site

100 Doors Links:That's a lot of damn websites

The Jimi Hendrix Official Site: If I have to explain what it is, you need to turn off your computer and pick up a book.

The Great Thompson Hunt: THE definitive Hunter S. Thompson site.

Fade to Black Online Magazine: Comedy zine that's got some great features like celebrity outtakes, Where's Jesus? (instead of Waldo), and a lot of other funny shit. Recently, they just posted the FBI file on Lenny Bruce.

H.L. Mencken Cornucopia: Links, quotes, etc. on the brilliant writer who was libertarian before there was a word for one.

Newgrounds: Celebrity assassinations, flash movies, flash games and other sick shit.

Landover Baptist Church: Church website parody that is so accurate, you almost believe it's real.
Cruel Site of the Day: Discover sites you never knew were on the web.


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